Robbie Savage terrifies colleagues with fleeting, solitary moment of insight 

Describing the incident as “the closest thing to death” they’d ever experienced, Robbie Savage reportedly left BT Sport colleagues terrified and confused with a fleeting, solitary moment of clear footballing insight, witnesses confirmed today.

Sat around producers and executives during a Friday morning meeting ahead of Saturday’s airing of Fletch & Sav, sources recalled the eerie moment that Savage briefly uttered an opinion on professional football that made sense in every aspect.

“One minute we were just sitting there chatting, Robbie was making his usual jokes and we were ignoring him when all of a sudden it happened,” said executive producer Lucy Monroe, before describing how the former Blackburn player’s eyes glossed over, his mouth opened unrealistically wide and he appeared to hover above his chair.

“His mouth frothed and the lights flickered before we heard this loud yet soft voice scream ‘Jose Mourinho’s management style may only work in small, short doses due to the clear stress it has on his playing staff. He must adapt his man management to be able to make his techniques work in the long term’,” added show runner Jim Jones, revealing that staff were left so traumatised by the clarity and lack of nonsense in the statement that many broke down in tears.

“I don’t know what to think about anything anymore. It made total sense,” admitted writer Marie Wright, still shaking from the incident.

At press time, Savage was said to not remember the incident in any way, and had gone back to shooting spitballs across the office at people.