Jose Aldo serious doubt for McGregor fight with quivering bottom lip 


Sources close to the fighter have confirmed today that Brazilian Jose Aldo is a serious doubt for his match up with Conor McGregor over a serious case of a quivering bottom lip.

Aldo, who pulled out of his scheduled fight against the Irishman in 2014, is said to be currently receiving treatment for what his medical team have described as “a wobbly, quivering mess”.

“It doesn’t look good but we’re going to keep working on it right up until the last minute. It’s shaking pretty bad and his lips keep curving downwards but we’re hopeful we can stop it,” said Aldo’s head doctor, adding that his team would also be keeping an eye on the vast reservoirs of salt water developing in the corner of the UFC featherweight champion’s eyes.

“If we keep putting ice on that lip to stop the constant motion, as well as regularly applying cotton pads to his increasingly damp eyes, we’re confident he’ll be able to compete.”

At press time, Aldo’s chances of competing against the Irishman appeared even slimmer as it was revealed that he was suffering from minor symptoms of refusing to leave his room or speak to anyone.