Genius football fan capable of judging merits of articles from title alone

"All you need to know is there in the title - it's wonderful."

“All you need to know is there in the title – it’s wonderful.”

Describing it as an invaluable gift in terms of saving time, a genius football fan has revealed today his ability to judge the merits and content of all football articles from the title alone.

Local man Glynn Sherman stated that he first noticed his talent as a youngster, when he gleaned from the title of a Shoot magazine article that the contents within were what he described as “as a piece of shit”.

“Lo and behold, I read the article afterwards and I was spot on – it was shit. I haven’t read an article since, but I could tell you all you need to know about every single one on the internet,” said the business student and avid Twitter user, adding that he often tries to offer his advice to journalist by commenting “You’re shit” or simply “Shit” to the comment fields below their articles. “But of course, these lazy journalists are unwilling to accept constructive criticism.”

“It’s really quite easy. I just look at the title and I know all I need to know about the piece. The key points, the controversial opinions, the statistics – it’s all there in the title. I really don’t know why people waste so much time actually reading football articles.”

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