Football journalist delighted to finally get chance to clear out drafts as January transfer window begins

A football journalist has spoken of his delight at finally getting a chance to clear out his drafts folder as the January window opens.

Speaking from the comfort of his desk, London based journalist Mick Gruff stated that he’d had hundreds of unpublished transfer stories filling up his drafts folder since the end of the last transfer window, and that he was relieved to have had a chance to use them all already.

“It’s really lovely to be able to do some spring cleaning and provide top quality content at the same time,” said the 25 year old, adding that it was surely testament to his quality of writing that the three month old articles are as worthy of publication today as they were the day he wrote them.

“What’s more, I haven’t even had to change any names or details. Manchester United are still rubbish and Arsenal still need players. Sometimes I amaze myself.”

At press time, Gruff had revealed that he had been so productive that he might even make a start on next summer’s transfer stories before the month is out.