Down-on-his-luck Kenny Dalglish hoping for new Suarez racism row to help him shift some t-shirts


Saying that it would really help him out of a sticky situation, down-on-his-luck former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish today expressed his hope that Luis Suarez might become embroiled in a new racism row so that he can shift the remaining 2,000 t-shirts he had made to support the forward during his last high profile case.

The Scot had the t-shirts printed in 2011 to show support to the Uruguayan during his FA investigation, which subsequently charged and convicted him of racially abusing Manchester United left back Patrice Evra.

However, with the investigation ending sooner than anticipated, the Premier League-winning manager was reportedly left saddled with a large surplus of t-shirts.

That situation, and recent poor financial decisions, have prompted the former Celtic player to fly out to Barcelona in the hope that Suarez might repeat his racial slur and free him from the burden of £10,000 worth of cotton t-shirts.

“I made a pillock of myself with those t-shirts. I printed out about 2,000 more than were actually used and they’ve been left in my shed ever since,” said the 64 year old while anxiously packing t-shirts into his suitcase ahead of a last minute flight to Barcelona. “Fuckin’ hope these don’t put me over my baggage limit.”

At press time a visibly sweating and exhausted Dalglish was seen running from police through Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.