Yaya Toure disgusted at not receiving half-birthday cake from Manchester City

Saying that it was an egregious show of disrespect for someone who has given as much to the club as he has, Yaya Toure has today hit out at Manchester City for failing to give him a cake in honour of his half-birthday.

The Ivorian international celebrated his half-birthday at the end of the year in quaint surroundings accompanied by over 100 family and friends after what he says was an outright refusal from club officials to recognise his big day.

“I’ve given this club my blood, sweat and tears. So for them to not even show me the respect to present me with a half-birthday cake is simply disgraceful,” said the 32 and a half year old midfielder, adding that it says a lot when a club don’t even remember your half-birthday.

“Their lack of regard for me was plain to see on my half-birthday. They can say they like me, that they forgot, but no one even shook my hand on my half-birthday. It’s really sick.”

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