Manchester United deal for Gareth Bale takes significant step as Ed Woodward spells player’s name correctly in Google search

(Photo: Express)

(Photo: Express)

Manchester United’s proposed deal to sign Gareth Bale entered an advanced stage today after the club’s executive vice chairman Ed Woodward successfully spelled the player’s name in a Google search.

The Premier League side have been monitoring the Welshman for over two years and are believed to be more confident than ever since Woodward navigated his way to a page containing pictures and articles of the forward.

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but things are moving along nicely,” said Woodward while scrolling through a collection of old photographs of the former Tottenham man.

“These things are never straightforward but we’ve taken huge strides with this step. One would hope that the process speeds along quite nicely from this point.”

At press time, Woodward was seen to be Googling “Bale contract” in a bid to find out the length of the player’s contract at the Bernabeu.