Man Utd fan counting down minutes to Monday morning to escape monotonous grind of football

Saying that he really treasures having the opportunity to get away from it all, Manchester United fan Derek McGinn has revealed today that he is counting down the minutes to Monday morning to escape the realities of the club’s football.

Describing how the slow, monotonous grind of the weekend leaves him anxious and irritable, McGinn admitted he looks forward to nothing more than getting to work on Monday morning to get away from the grim routine of football.

“I must admit I look forward to it all weekend. There’s only so much sitting and watching you can do before you need to break off the shackles and hit some spreadsheets,” said McGinn, adding that he often finds himself drifting through his side’s matches as if on autopilot.

“When you have to sit through 90 minutes of that every weekend, you really learn to appreciate the little things like finding a shortcut on Microsoft Word or passing your work targets by 0.2 percent. Just picturing my office really helps me get through it all.”

At press time, McGinn reminded himself that Monday morning wasn’t far away as he prepared to sit down to watch the side play.