Under pressure social media intern struggling to find GIF to match football result 

Man sitting at laptop, looking stressed

Desperately racing against the clock and increasingly nervous, a social media intern today expressed his dismay and terror at being unable to find a GIF file to match a recent football result.

Insisting that it’s usually “pretty easy” to match a GIF to essentially any footballing situation, 22-year old Norm Drummond was at a loss to explain why he was unable to find one on this particular occasion.

“This has never happened before. It’s unprecedented and a real shock. Usually our supply of GIFs keeps us covered but not today,” said an increasingly sweaty and shaking Drummond, adding that he may have to resort to creating and using original content if he was unable to remedy the situation.

“At first I was certain it was a Patrick Stewart facepalm sorta moment but now I’m not so sure.”

At press time, Drummond earned a pat on the back from his editor after settling on a GIF of cartoon character Grandpa Simpson walking in and quickly out of a building.