Duncan Castles writes 66 page letter to Jose Mourinho explaining why they should be together


Duncan Castles has written a 66 page letter to Jose Mourinho explaining his strong desire to be at one with the former Chelsea manager and how he would be willing to change his ways to be with the Portuguese manager for eternity.

According to sources close to the journalist and manager, Castles believes strongly that he is the best person for Mourinho, and has laid out a meticulous list of reasons as to why he and the manager should be together.

In his document to Mourinho, described as an “in-depth dossier” by sources, Castles details several areas of Mourinho’s personality, explaining how he would best compliment the manager’s different traits with his own.

“Duncan has really shown his ambition to be with Jose and have him all for himself with this letter. It will certainly give Jose something to think about,” said an unnamed source, adding that the coach had been “tentatively terrified” by the forensic analysis undertaken by Castles.

“He hopes that his stellar record of loyalty to Jose will eventually be the defining factor in Jose’s decision. He really wants this one.”

At press time, a patient Castles insisted that he would be willing to wait for Mourinho to make a decision, insisting that “love has no deadline”.