Richard Keys raises glass to commemorate 1828th day since Sky Sports sacking


Drearily whispering to himself and propping his head up with his hand, Richard Keys today raised a glass to commemorate the 1828th day since his departure from Sky Sports.

The former television host, now working for beIN Sports in the Middle East, revealed that he never missed an opportunity to remember the day his life “improved on all fronts” by toasting the occasion every single day.

“It’s always nice to get away from it all, sit down and remember the importance of that day at every possible moment,” said Keys, adding that people are often surprised at how quickly and thoroughly he’s bounced back from the “hatchet job”.

“It’s just nice to have a drink and appreciate how lucky I am to be here, thousands of miles away from the only country I ever lived in, where all of my friends and most of my family remain,” added the presenter before trailing off.

At press time, Keys was putting preparations together to celebrate the 1829th day since his sacking from Sky Sports.