John Terry to consult teammates’ wives before deciding next move

Saying that it wouldn’t be fair to them if he made such a big decision without them, John Terry has revealed he will consult his teammates’ wives before deciding what club he should move to next.

Terry revealed this week that he would leave Chelsea at the end of the season, but that any decision regarding his future club would have to wait until he had sat down and discussed it with those he loves.

“Out of respect for the wives, all of them, I have to find out what they think and really figure out what’s best for all of us,” said the former England captain, adding that only once all his teammates’ wives are happy would he settle on a choice.

“These are the people I share my bed with. Their input is very important to me as a player, a father and a partner.”

Terry revealed that though his teammates’ wives were initially shocked by the announcement of his departure, they’re slowly warming to the idea.

“I’ve been at the club so long so of course it’s a bit of a shock. But each of the lads’ wives has hinted they wouldn’t mind moving abroad so we’ll see what happens,” added the 34 year old.

“Football is important but at the end of the day, as long as they’re happy, I’m happy.”