Twitter technically incapable of handling either Arsenal title win or failure, says CEO Jack Dorsey


Saying that his site is simply not prepared for such an eventuality, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey today admitted that the social network would be unable to handle either Arsenal winning the Premier League or failing to do so.

Speaking today, Dorsey revealed that regardless of what the final outcome of the Premier League season is, Twitter will almost certainly crumble under the pressure.

“It’s going to be bad either way. Arsenal fans make up just 5 percent of all users on our platform yet contribute on average 95 percent of all tweets,” said the 39-year-old, adding that the club’s supporters also account for 99.8 percent of all poll voters.

“We’ve established a series of technical systems to handle the consequences but sadly, regardless of what happens, the volume of tweets is likely to send the site into a downward trajectory the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

At press time Dorsey confirmed that in the event that Arsenal fail to win the league while simultaneously finishing behind rivals Tottenham, the site will “almost certainly” cease to exist.