Irish Carolina Panthers fan confident he’ll have some grasp of American football rules by Sunday night


Describing the meticulous training he’s putting in before the big night, an Irish Carolina Panthers fan has expressed his confidence that he’ll have a decent grasp of the rules of American football before the Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday night.

Despite admitting that his preparation had been hindered by the fact that he only began supporting the NFC South divisional champions last week, insurance salesman Jim Maynard remains resolute that he’s confident of knowing how the game works in one way or another. 

“It all boils down to this. There’s a lot of pressure and I know there’s a lot of eyes on me but I believe I’m capable of at least finding out what the positions are,” said the 26-year-old that no matter how good he feels about his prep, it all boils down to game time.

“Based on my results to date, I have no doubt that by midnight I’ll have some idea what the line of scrimmage is.”

At press time, a visibly jaded Maynard was researching the names of players other than Cam Newton to slip into a series of drafted tweets which he will during the game.