Manuel Pellegrini gives squad rest of season off after Leicester defeat


Saying that his squad deserve a bit of a break after such a demoralising defeat at home, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has today revealed that he has given his squad the rest of the season off to properly prepare for next year.

Citing the commitment and strength shown by his players in “at least five or six” games this season, the Chilean coach confirmed that his squad would be granted leave between now and the beginning of next season.

“After the defeat I knew that the players were being pushed too hard. People are expecting them to go out there and play every week for hundreds of thousands of pounds. It’s exhausting for them,” said the 62-year-old, adding that he had already begun his summer holidays last week.

“Though the squad will physically be required to turn up to training and matches, we feel it appropriate that there’s no obligation for them to be present mentally.”

At press time, the City squad received the news in bemused fashion, with many squad members assuming they had been granted the season off months ago.