Football fan not loud enough prick to go viral


A football fan who recorded a post-match interview at the weekend has been told that he’s not a loud enough prick for his interview to be uploaded online.

Liverpool fan Greg Drumm spoke to YouTube channel The RedMen TV after one of his side’s recent home games, and discussed in detail his grievances regarding various aspects of the club.

Arriving home afterwards however, Drumm was shocked to discover his appearance was not online, only to be told that he was neither loud nor obnoxious enough to merit his interview being broadcast.

“It wasn’t what Greg said, but how he said it, and he was simply not enough of a giant prick to get air time,” said a spokesperson for The RedMen TV, adding that there is significantly more journalistic value in interviewing shaking, mumbling morons than someone presenting a cogent argument.

“We’re not ruling out interviewing Greg again, but perhaps he would consider saying a little less and prolonging and even repeating the things he does say in an unintelligible yet hilarious tone.”