Napoli vs Juventus to form basis of man’s opinion on Italian football for next year


The fan, who watches Italian roughly once a year, admitted how much of his opinion was riding on this game.

Saying that he feels confident of extrapolating all findings from one game towards Serie A as a whole, a football fan has today confirmed that Saturday’s match between Napoli and Juventus will likely form the basis of his entire opinion on Italian football for the next year.

Ahead of the game, 27-year-old Jim Abraham revealed that occasions such as this one are a great way to form an opinion of a foreign league without the hassle of regularly watching it.

“It’s very handy and useful. To have a game like today where I can quite confidently deduce the quality of domestic Italian football: it’s a great opportunity,” said the London-based civil engineer, adding that his views on football in Italy likely require an update since the last time he watched a Serie A match roughly 12 months ago.

“I mean, think about it this way, if Juventus – the top side in Italy – play badly, what does that say for the league as a whole? And if Napoli – last season’s runners-up remember – don’t win, we’re talking about a pretty shitty standard here.”

At press time, Abraham stated that given the relative similarity between countries in continental Europe as a whole, he’d likely be able to ascribe his findings on Serie A to the rest of the major European leagues also.