Football pretty overrated on the whole, admit Manchester United fans


(Photo: Reuters)

Describing the sport as “bang average” and “a tad predictable”, Manchester United fans have today revealed that football is pretty overrated on the whole.

Speaking after yet another disappointing result, fans of the club all around the world universally stated that the sport really isn’t that good anyway.

“The whole thing is just a little silly, isn’t it? 22 guys on a pitch, running after a little ball filled with air. It’s hardly the most exciting thing in the world,” said a spokesperson for the club’s supporters, adding that if anything football has gotten more overrated in the last two years or so for some reason. “It’s really not what it used to be.”

“We have nothing against people who continue to like it; that’s up to them, but for us it’s just a little pointless. There’s so much more to life than a game that, at the end of the day, means very little.”

At press time, fans stated that their new-found belief had nothing to do with their side’s current failings, and is merely an opinion at which they have all naturally arrived.