FA Cup final and semi-final tickets cut by £5 in recognition of need for hollow gesture


The Football Association has cut the prices of tickets for the FA Cup semi-final and final in recognition of the need for a hollow gesture towards fans.

Announcing the reduction in prices, the FA stated that they were fully committed to a whole host of similar gestures and would never stop in their aim of making fans think they care about them.

“Fans have recently expressed their outrage at the price of tickets. We sincerely hope this gesture gives the impression that we are listening and that we care,” read an FA statement, adding that if people weren’t happy with the price cuts they were more than welcome to stay at home.

“It is of utmost importance to us that fans think we are listening to them. They are a big part of the game and how our relationship with them is viewed by the wider public matters hugely to us.”

At press time, the FA revealed that prices of all food and beverages would remain the same in recognition of how funny it is to watch fans waste their money.