Jose Mourinho successfully reintroduced to wild, say researchers

"Jose has adapted quicker than we could ever have imagined."

“Jose has adapted quicker than we could ever have imagined.”

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is now fully adapted back into the wild from which he came, according to a group of scientists that have been monitoring him since his release by Chelsea in December.

Questions were raised over how long it would take the Portuguese coach to acclimatise back to his former habitat, with many anthropologists fearing it may take years of planning and a gradual reintroduction.

Those doubts were misguided however, say researchers from the University of Lisbon, who say they’re delighted at the speed and comfort with which the former Real Madrid manager has taken to his former surroundings.

“We’re really encouraged, Jose has adapted quicker than we could ever have imagined,” said lead researcher Marta De Sousa, adding that the former coach had last been seen feasting on the remains of a hare roughly three weeks ago.

“He was a little tentative at first, but once he heard the howls coming from deep within the forest he quickly forgot about the civilised world he was once a part of.”

At press time, researchers were more concerned over the whereabouts of Mourinho’s former assistant Rui Faria, whom they claim to be responsible for the deaths of 11 percent of Portugal’s wolf population in the last month alone.