Local man’s opinions bad


Friends of Woodrow recoil as he presents another well-rounded and flawed argument. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Describing him as well-intentioned but ultimately doomed, friends of local sports fan Roy Woodrow have today revealed that contrary to conventional wisdom, the man’s opinions are bad.

According to sources close to the 23-year-old, though he remains vocal, flexible and innovative with his opinions on football and other sports, each is somehow worse than the previous.

“Each opinion is well-researched and thought through but he just doesn’t have it,” said a close friend of Woodrow, adding that the marketing graduate had most recently presented a well-rounded and truly meaningless argument about the downsides of technology in sport.

“It’s a shame. If he could apply the same sort of focus and interest to good opinions it’d be a different story.”

At press time, friends of Woodrow were awkwardly looking at each other as he described in great detail how concussions in sport aren’t that big of a deal.