Nostalgic Ed Woodward recalls halcyon days of first commercial deals at Old Trafford 

Saying that it already feels like a lifetime ago, a nostalgic Ed Woodward was today reportedly recalling what he described as the “halcyon days” of his first commercial deals at Old Trafford.

Three years into his tenure as Manchester United executive vice chairman, Woodward faces increasing pressure over the club’s failings on and off the pitch.

Nipping off to a quiet corner of Old Trafford today, Woodward recalled the “good old days” when he first arrived at the club and all he had to worry about was signing lucrative commercial deals.

“Everything was so much simpler back then. No egos, no dirty tricks, just honest people doing good, honest deals,” said Woodward, adding that in his darker moments he’d considered giving it all up to return to the homely and decent world of finance.

“Of course we all have to grow up but part of me wishes those days could’ve gone on forever. Football is so vicious compared to the upstanding folk in the City.”

At press time, Woodward was playing an online investment simulator to take his mind off football for a while.

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