Sacking people really not that nice, says Ed Woodward


Saying that he really hadn’t thought through this side of the business, Ed Woodward is understood to have told friends that Louis van Gaal is still in his post at Manchester United because he just really doesn’t like sacking people.

“It’s horrible. Remember when I sacked [David] Moyes? What a mess. When you make a sweet commercial deal everyone is happy. But when you sack someone no one’s happy. My job is about bringing happiness – how can I do that if I’m firing people?” said United’s executive vice-chairman, before quietly imagining how easier things would be if Alex Ferguson was still at the club.

“Anyway, I will get to it, I’ve just got some paperwork to do first. And let’s just get the game against Shrewsbury out of the way first, wouldn’t be fair on a new manager to have a test like that. Also, have things really been that bad?” added Woodward, insisting the delay was not because he was afraid van Gaal’s sacking would reflect poorly on his leadership, nor a consequence of internal power struggles at Old Trafford.

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that. I’m just really busy. Also, I’ve got a bit of a headache today. I’ll definitely sack him tomorrow. Look, I’m putting a calendar reminder in now.”

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