Manchester United begin summer recruitment plan as Ed Woodward spins globe, covers eyes and points 


Manchester United’s summer transfer work began in earnest today as Ed Woodward spun the globe in his office, covered his eyes and prepared to stop it with his finger.

Saying that it was always an exciting stage of the recruitment process, Woodward revealed that the club would send scouts to whichever part of the world his hand landed on.

“We put a lot of work into our summer recruitment and it all begins here,” said the club’s executive vice chairman, adding that in his three years at the club he was yet to find a more efficient way of scouting for players.

“Maybe it will land on Barbados. That would be nice. Or France, I hear there’s some football going on there this summer.”

At press time Woodward, having accidentally knocked over the globe for the third time in a row, decided instead to arrange a meeting with Jorge Mendes.