Football fan only marginally bigger dickhead online than in real life

Saying that his online persona is really only a minor exaggeration of his already flawed personality, football fan and Twitter user George Hines admitted today that he is only marginally more of a dickhead online than he is in real life.

Hines, a 22-year-old marketing student, revealed that while many people assume his offline behaviour is significantly more polite and tactful, that’s simply not the case.

“Of course I big it up a bit, but generally I’m a pretty big wanker in real life too,” said the all-round prick, adding that he often uses his actual grievances to lash out online.

“Sometimes when I’m annoyed at something in my actual life, it can be the perfect inspiration to slag off a footballer or even a woman I don’t know on Twitter.”

At press time, Hines was deep in an online discussion, describing in great detail why his conversational counterpart should perish young.