Marcus Rashford turns on FIFA 16 in desperate search for challenge


Describing how he eagerly craved true competition, Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford followed his performance against Arsenal yesterday with a night of playing FIFA 16 online, in a desperate search for some kind of challenge.

Upon returning home from Old Trafford, where he scored twice for the second consecutive game for Louis van Gaal’s side, Rashford revealed that playing the popular video game was his only truly competitive outlet since breaking into the club’s first team.

“Anyone can beat anyone on FIFA so it’s really nice to have that type of proper challenge in your life,” said the 18-year-old, adding that playing the game gives him a strong sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that one simply can’t get from a game as easy as football.

“Football and computer games are very different so that’s important to remember. There’s a real learning curve that just isn’t there with the Premier League so it’s a nice way for me to keep my feet on the ground. Scoring is never a foregone conclusion.”

At press time, Rashford took a break from playing FIFA by taking part in Manchester United first team training.

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