Tottenham fan believes destiny of title race depends entirely on how often he thinks about it


Describing the simultaneous exhilaration and stress he feels each and every day, a Tottenham Hotspur fan has today admitted he believes the destiny of the Premier League title race depends entirely on how often he thinks about it.

Speaking to assembled journalists today, 36-year-old Mark Luther revealed that while he has a tough job on his hands during the season run-in, he’s confident he can keep his mind occupied and see his side home.

“It’s a big responsibility and in truth, it’s taken a lot out of me. But it’s a long season and I always knew this was a possibility,” said the estate agent, adding that he’s even played up the chances of Spurs’ title rivals in a bid to give the club that extra boost.

“All season I’ve managed to avoid thinking too much about the title and we’ve done really well. If I just keep my head down and think about other things for the home straight there’s every chance we could do it.”

At press time, Luther unconvincingly attempted to tell friends and family that he’d be happy with a third place finish.

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