Arsene Wenger bemoans lack of injuries to key players as search for excuse goes on

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Saying that it was impeding the way he and his side go about their business at a crucial stage of the season, Arsene Wenger today bemoaned the lack of injuries to key players as his search for excuses goes on.

Highlighting the fact that just two first team players are currently out injured – and just one seriously – the Frenchman begrudgingly admitted his life would be significantly easier if a few more of his better players picked up an injury or two.

“We’re struggling in the title race, so as far as that whole narrative is concerned we wouldn’t mind either Ozil or Sanchez to be injured,” said Wenger, revealing that any extra excuse is always welcome as the season comes to an end.

“The only players we have out of the side are Cazorla and Elneny and our supply of excuses is getting perilously low. Even if Olivier or Danny had tweaked something I’d have a ready-made line to repeat to the media until the start of next year.”

At press time, Wenger insisted that while things may appear grim at present, he’s confident a suitable and substantial excuse will appear before the end of the campaign.