Cristiano Ronaldo apologises to teammates for publicising what he usually tells them in private

(Photo: The Express)

“My teammates aren’t to blame for their many impediments.” (Photo: Express)

Cristiano Ronaldo has today apologised to his Real Madrid teammates for comments made over the weekend, insisting he never intended to publicise the sort of things he usually tells them daily in private.

Speaking after his side’s Madrid derby defeat to Atletico Madrid on Saturday, the Portuguese captain claimed that if his teammates were at his level, they’d be “top of the league right now”.

Striking a conciliatory tone today however, the 31-year-old forward claimed that he never meant to embarrass his club colleagues in public, and would in future refrain to doing so behind closed doors.

“My teammates know me. They know the kind of guy I am and they know how little I rate their skills. Saying that, I should never have said such a thing in public,” said Ronaldo, adding that such professional disrespect should always remain in private.

“There’s an unwritten rule in all dressing rooms; one that means that all the vitriol and animosity I feel for most other players stays within those four walls. I broke that rule and for that I apologise.

“My teammates are not to blame for their inferiority and they should not suffer because of their obvious and multiple impediments.”

At press time, Ronaldo attempted to heal the wounds further by giving each of his teammates a voucher for a free one-on-one skill lesson with him.

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