Jurgen Klopp praises squad’s ability to step up when it doesn’t matter 


Saying that it’s nice to know he can rely on his players in meaningless matches, Jurgen Klopp today praised his Liverpool squad for their ability to step up when it doesn’t matter.

Speaking after his side’s most recent Premier League victory, the German manager admitted it was a great relief to have a group of players he could rely on to rise to the utterly pointless and pressure-free occasion.

“Sometimes you don’t know what to expect from a squad of footballers but with these guys I never have any doubt that they’ll deliver when there is absolutely nothing on the line,” said the former Dortmund coach, adding that it was a unique experience to work with a group of such mentally weak and meek athletes. “You can’t teach that kind of timing.”

“It’s real peace of mind to know I can trust them to perform only when neither their personal or professional pride is at stake. They could’ve done it when we had a chance of winning the title but they saved it for when it didn’t count.”