Theo Walcott urges Arsenal teammates to start pulling their weight and his

Saying that it has to come to the point where the entire team needs to step up and be counted, Arsenal forward Theo Walcott today urged his teammates to start pulling their weight and his.

Speaking today, the England international stated that he was confident that his side’s luck would begin to improve providing everybody takes responsibility for the jobs both they and he has to do on the pitch.

“We’ve struggled lately, no one can deny that. But at the end of the day we’re all professionals so we can’t continue to make excuses about where we are and how we’re playing,” said the 27-year-old, adding that no squad member apart from him should feel they are entitled to drift in and out of games without affecting it in any way whatsoever.

“Football is a team game at the end of the day and if I can’t rely on my teammates to clean up every single poor pass and cover every half-arsed run I make on the pitch then it really says a lot about our mentality.”

At press time, Walcott warned his teammates that if they fail to adequately compensate for his deficiencies, he’ll be forced to find a new team that will.