Ambitious social media manager knows he can copy and paste better


Revealing that he is happy with his output but is always looking to improve, Tom Raymond, a social media manager for a prominent sport website, today expressed his belief that he can copy and paste better.

Despite assurances from colleagues that they’ve never seen anyone copy material and regurgitate it with such aplomb, the 27-year-old stated that he yearns for more.

“Right now I’m copying and pasting at a pretty high level, no doubt. I’m one of the best there is. But I know I can get better,” said Raymond, adding that he’s been “thrilled” with the improvement in his GIF searching and meme stealing.

“In a year or two, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be copying and pasting two, three, maybe even four articles and tweets per minute.”

At press time, the delighted social media manager announced that he had figured out how to remove watermarks from pictures.