Loyal Conor McGregor fan will live vicariously through fighter regardless of fight result

Saying that he wouldn’t possibly dream of playing out every moment of someone else’s life as if it were his own, a loyal Conor McGregor fan today insisted that he will continue to live his life vicariously through the fighter regardless of the result of tonight’s fight.

Speaking to assembled media this evening, 26-year-old Mark Beaumont revealed that his utter reliance on McGregor to provide some excitement in his life would not change, irrespective of what happens inside the Octagon.

“I’m in this for the long haul. Win or lose, I’ll support him through each moment and pretend his success is mine,” said the shop worker, adding that he had already saved a draft tweet detailing how “the Irish are taking over” to be sent once McGregor vanquishes his opponent.

“You see a lot of lads live vicariously for one fighter for a while and then switch to the next big thing, but not me. Real fans play out their dreams through someone else and stick with that person.”