Fan reactions to bad referee decisions too funny to address problem, says FA


Fan reactions to poor refereeing decisions are too funny to attempt to address the problem in any meaningful way, according to a statement by the Football Association today.

Citing the immediate and hilarious outrage shown by supporters as soon as a bad decision is made, the FA insisted that it remains in the public interest to maintain the status quo.

“While it remains a priority for the FA to make sure refereeing decisions are correct more often than not, we feel that the ridiculous and stupidly funny fan reactions outweigh the need for immediate change,” said a spokesperson, adding that reading tweets by angry fans after poor decisions is better for the game than an error-free refereeing system.

“At the end of the day we have to act on what we see to be in the best interest of this game we love. Mistakes are simply a part of life and thankfully so are weird fans who respond to each decision like a personal insult. Fans deserve a high standard of officiating, but they also deserve to laugh at cretins whenever possible.”