Raymond Verheijen pulls hamstring


Outspoken physiotherapist and football coach Raymond Verheijen has pulled his hamstring in a training ground injury, according to sources.

Witnesses at the scene say the Dutchman was in the middle of a routine jog during a coaching class when he pulled up holding the back of his leg in obvious distress.

“Ray just stood there holding his leg. He was staring at us in disbelief whispering ‘This isn’t supposed to happen’,” said one coach in training, adding that the former Welsh coach lashed out at a member of medical staff for suggesting the injury was “just one of those things”.

“You’re wrong. It’s just a little twinge you fucking dinosaur,” replied the furious coach before hurriedly limping away into the distance.

He was later seen running through woodland, with passersby reported to have heard the word “parochial” shouted repeatedly.

At press time, a visibly weeping Verheijen was spotted throwing all 10,000 unsold copies of his most book, entitled The Complete Handbook of Conditioning for Soccer, into a large bonfire behind his home.