Record number of Real Madrid fans booing in sleep, study finds


A record number of Real Madrid supporters are now booing in their sleep, according to a new report out of Madrid University today.

The study, which has seen sleeping patterns of more than 5,000 of the club’s fans monitored over the last four months, found that 85 percent of those tested reported loud booing and jeering while deep in sleep.

The wife of one subject admitted that her husband’s booing has been a plight on their lives for years.

“At first I felt pity for him so I didn’t really mind. He was angry with a lot of things going on at the club and he deserved to vent, but it’s gone too far,” said Maria Castillo, adding that her husband had recently begun waving a large white hankie in the middle of the night.

Head researcher of the study, Elena Fernandez, said that the trend was a worrying one which appears unlikely to end any time soon.

“These are people of all sexes and classes. Most report having a genuine grievance originally but that their booing has morphed into something they have no control over,” she said, adding that the participants’ outward appearance often betrays the obvious irrationality under the surface.

“Whether it’s waving the hankie or banging their feet against the mattress and shouting ‘Puta’, this is a serious problem damaging the lives of more and more families.”

Fernandez added that unlike other sleep conditions, the booing likely has no cure and that most Madrid fans are too far removed from reality to ever come back.

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