Louis van Gaal settles on tactical setup after flip of coin


Saying that it was a relief to have such an important decision made in a foolproof manner, Manchester United manager reportedly settled on a tactical setup for today’s Europa League match with Liverpool after flipping a coin.

Van Gaal’s side go into the European match off the back of a 1-0 defeat to West Bromwich Albion, with the Dutchman fully aware of the importance of a positive result against the club’s bitter rivals.

“This is a big one and we must make sure that our preparation is sufficient. We will ensure that we do all that we can and leave absolutely nothing to chance,” said the former Bayern Munich coach as he delicately flicked a £2 coin in the air and described in detail how he had been working on his coin toss all week. “You guys watching? Heads is attack, tails is 90 minutes of aimless passing, okay?”

“Once the coin decides our tactics we have no excuse but to follow. My players know that the coin has total authority and they do not question it. Time is precious in football so we must work and we must respect the process.”

At press time, the match day squad was said to have looked visibly dejected as van Gaal entered the pre-match team meeting holding the coin tails-side up.

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