Weak, exhausted Eden Hazard asks Chelsea teammates to remember him as he was


Calling his colleagues over to gather around him, a visibly weak and fading Eden Hazard today begged his Chelsea teammates to remember him as he was and not the ineffective drain he has become.

As emotional teammates sat next to him, Hazard urged them to remember the good times they had shared, rather than the painful months they had just experienced.

“When you think of me I want you to picture me as I was in my prime; running free, full of energy, the life and soul of the party” said the Belgian, before asking teammates to turn away as he slowly lifted himself from a sleeping pod.

Taking each of their hands in his, the emaciated and exhausted forward reportedly reminisced with teammates for hours.

“Remember the wings Cesar? We destroyed so many defenders, didn’t we?” he joked, before having to be helped back to his seat after a coughing fit incurred by laughing.

Holding his colleagues close, Hazard reassured each of that they need not fear the future without him.

“When my time comes to leave this place, do not cry for me. I may not be with you in body, but I’ll be right there,” he said pointing to Willian’s heart. “I’ll be with you always.”

At press time, Hazard reportedly asked the squad to allow him to rest, before ushering Cesc Fabregas back into the room and asking him to care for the squad when he’s gone.

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