Delight at Manchester United as Marouane Fellaini learns to walk

Fellaini gets a helping hand from teammates Marcos Rojo as he takes his first steps. (Photo: Getty Images)

Fellaini gets a helping hand from teammate Marcos Rojo as he takes his first steps. (Photo: Getty Images)

Hailing it as a potential turning point in a difficult campaign, there was reportedly delight at Manchester United today after reports emerged that midfielder Marouane Fellaini had learned to walk.

The Belgian was said to have emerged from the club’s training ground dressing room at 9am this morning, allegedly taking his first tentative steps to a chorus of cheers from teammates and staff alike.

Speaking after the development, manager Louis van Gaal expressed optimism that the development would be a major boost to his side’s chances this season.

“We are all delighted for Marouane. He’s had a tough time of it lately but this could be a big moment for him,” said the Dutchman, adding that he was confident the player would learn how to kick a ball once he had developed the ability to run.

Fellaini himself revealed his excitement at the turn of events, and his belief that it would bode well for him in the future.

“It’s a great occasion for me. You try to develop your skills and you work hard but sometimes you think it may never happen. When it comes good like this you realise that all that work was worthwhile,” said the former Everton man, adding that he would look to apply his new skills to in-game situations as soon as possible. “This just proves what can be achieved when you believe in yourself.”

At press time, club staff were attempting to teach the midfielder to move without swinging his elbows uncontrollably.

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