Louis van Gaal pleased with preparation of post-match apology to fans


“This is a top club and the fans deserve top apologies.” (Photo: Getty Images)

Saying that he was confident he and his team had covered all necessary topics, Louis van Gaal today revealed that he is pleased with the preparation of his post-match apology to fans.

Speaking ahead of what could be a defining match in Manchester United’s season, the Dutch coach revealed he had been working “day and night” to ensure that all supporters were satisfied with his expression of regret.

“This is a very important game for us and the post-match apologies for our inevitable failure cannot be left to chance,” said the former Bayern Munich manager, adding that he had prepared separate apologies in the event of a close draw, a valiant but ultimately defeat and an outright battering. “At the top level you need to cover all ground.”

“At the moment I’m leaning towards the standard apology, whereby I say that I’m aware that the quality wasn’t high enough and that the fans deserve better. But this is why we prepare. If I need to acknowledge a different kind of failure I have more than enough in the bank.”

Van Gaal revealed that he had learned from his mistakes throughout the season, admitting that he knew his apologies had to improve.

“Manchester United is a top, top club with dedicated fans. They deserve top apologies and I will ensure that I provide that for them.”

At press time, Manchester United defender Chris Smalling insisted that the players too were delighted with the progress made in recent days on their meaningless platitudes, adding that regardless of what happens, the squad would “go back to the drawing board” and “push on”.

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