Realisation he may not become professional footballer slowly dawning on 28-year-old local man


Citing the noticeable lack of phone calls or any form of inquiry from football scouts of any kind ever, a 28-year-old football fan has today revealed that the realisation he may not become a professional footballer is slowly dawning on him.

While refusing to rule out the possibility altogether, insurance salesman Dan Bowman admitted that he’s finally coming to terms with the likelihood that his long-held dreams of soccer stardom may in fact never come to pass.

“You can never say never of course, but part of me feels that if it was going to happen I would likely have heard something at this point, y’know?” said Bowman, adding that it had been especially tough to be continually overlooked in favour of younger, actual footballers throughout the years.

“Look, I could still get spotted while kicking the ball around with my nephew – my touch is still pretty good after all – or even while playing five-a-side. But maybe it’s about time to start preparing for life after football.”

At press time Bowman stopped in his tracks upon his journey home from work after suddenly realising that he would likely never meet, never mind sleep with, a supermodel.