Chris Smalling vows to come up with better platitudes

(Photo: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images/Reuters)

(Photo: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images/Reuters)

Citing the club’s need to persevere, Manchester United defender Chris Smalling has today vowed to come up with some better platitudes to use after his side’s matches.

Smalling was criticised after the club’s Europa League exit at the hands of Liverpool during the week, but the England international revealed that he was fully committed to putting all hands on deck and coming up with the goods.

“This is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves. We know how much this means and the fans deserve better so we’re going to leave nothing out there,” said the 26-year-old, adding that the whole team would give it 110 percent.

“The whole squad is fully aware that our platitudes have not been up to scratch this season but all we can do is pull our sleeves up and try harder.”

Admitting that his meaningless words after the draw against Liverpool were particularly empty, Smalling vowed to push on and improve.

“I let myself and the side down. It was a real wake up call for me and I’ll dig deep to make sure there isn’t a repeat.”

At press time, Smalling announced that he was already over the moon with how the players had stepped up and he was confident they would mount a charge against Manchester City on Sunday.

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