Studious Everton fans to observe Madrid supporters in bid to improve booing


Saying that they’re always looking to upgrade all areas of what they do, a group of studious Everton fans today revealed that will take notes from Real Madrid supporters in a bid to improve their booing.

Speaking after yet another disappointed home display, hundreds of supporters declared their intent to closely watch their Madrid counterparts over the next month to see what aspects of their booing they could work to enhance.

“In terms of timing, we’re the best around – sometimes the players barely have a chance to misplace two passes before we’re on them – but we recognise that there is always room to improve elsewhere,” said spokesperson Jimmy McCulloch, adding that the supporters group had already sent emissaries to tomorrow’s game at the Bernabeu, where Madrid face Sevilla.

“We’ll have people there, experienced lads who know what to look for, and we’re sure we’ll pick up lots of useful tips. We’re especially interested in throat exercises; some of our folks can’t boo for any longer than 30 minutes without being hoarse for a week.”

McCulloch claimed that they were particularly impressed by the quality of Madrid fans’ booing; an area the Toffees would look to emulate in the near future.

“They really make themselves heard when they tear into their team and you can tell it visibly affects people. That’s definitely something we’ll look to add to our repertoire ahead of the Merseyside derby. It’s about demoralisation more than anything and that’s what we’ll be going for.”

At press time, McCulloch revealed his group were considering implementing blue hankies into their routine after a trial period next week.

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