Martin Demichelis catches up to Marcus Rashford hours after Manchester derby

Saying that he felt he finally had a firm grip of the task at hand, Manchester City defender Martin Demichelis expressed his delight last night after catching up with Marcus Rashford hours after the Manchester derby.

Speaking late on Sunday evening, the 35-year-old revealed that while it had taken him hours to run from the Etihad stadium to the 18-year-old’s home, he was simply pleased to have finished the job.

“It was a tough game but if I hang around here long enough I feel I’ll have him covered,” said the Argentine defender while peering through the forward’s kitchen window. “No matter which door he leaves through now, I’ll have him.”

“Defending is mostly about positioning and commitment. I have this lad right where I want him now so I’m here for the long haul.”

At press time, Demichelis was reportedly being chased out of the residential area after being spotted by Rashford’s mother.