John Terry credits prolonged top flight career to being “very bad human”


Saying that it is the foundation upon which his entire profession has been built, John Terry today revealed that he owes his prolonged career in the top flight to being a “very bad human” all of the time.

Speaking at an official Chelsea event, Terry advised young players looking to have a long career in the game to be “as bad a human as possible to each and every person” they meet.

“It’s the little things, y’know? Not listening to people, making them feel that there are a million other people you’d rather speak to. No matter who it is, from a famous footballer to the lowly tea lady, you can always put in the effort to make them feel awful,” said the former England international, adding that it was only as he grew more mature that he learned the true value of devoting time to individually abuse people verbally and mentally.

“It’s important for people to know that you’re always there, ready to treat them appallingly. As a youngster you only want to treat certain people badly and you let other wankers get away with being dorks. But as you get older you realise what matters. As well as making people feel bad, it really gives you a sense of warmth.”

At press time, Terry recommended to youngsters to begin by focussing on those with which they are already close, admitting that “mistreatment – be it infidelity or general arrogance – begins at home”.

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