Lazy Nike designer hails “inspired” design of slighty different-coloured international kits


Describing the simplistic creative process of ciphering through various shades and hues, a lazy Nike designer today hailed the numerous different colours of the manufacturer’s new international jerseys.

Saying that the company’s design team had slogged for “well over an hour” to find out the colours of each country’s national team, designer Mick Greening lauded his colleagues for getting “nearly all” of the colours correct.

“These projects are a true test of our abilities – as creatives – to be able to find and identify different colours. I feel we have done so successfully,” said Greening, adding that sometimes creating the same template for every single kit is actually the most creative tactic that one can employ.

“There are a lot of different colours in the world and we have used a number of them. All of these kits could have been black, or white, or a brown kinda colour, but instead we made the jerseys recognisable. Thanks to us people will see the colours and know what country it is and for that I’m very proud.”

At press time, Greening revealed that the manufacturer had already decided the next generation of national team kits after an intensive Google search of Nike kits from seven years ago.