Mark Noble not sure how much more mediocre he has to be to get in England squad


Saying that it’s getting increasingly difficult to watch significantly better players picked ahead of him, Mark Noble today revealed that he’s not sure how much more mediocre he needs to be to get into the England squad.

Describing each sidewards step he’d taken in a bid to stay at the same level, the West Ham midfielder admitted he feels that he won’t get picked regardless of how average his performances remain.

“I work hard every day and have made very little development. It’s just disappointing that it isn’t getting recognised,” said the former under-21 international, adding that it almost feels like England manager Roy Hodgson didn’t want a perennially mid-table midfielder in his squad.

“If you look back at my career, you simply can’t deny that each season has seen very little progression on my part. I have to admit it’s quite frustrating to see guys who are better at what I do consistently get call-ups. Sometimes it’s as if just being a decent Premier League and Championship footballer just isn’t enough to play top-level international football.”

At press time, a defiant Noble insisted he would get his head down and ensure he did nothing to deserve particular notice or praise until the end of season.

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