Sky bosses propose live execution of James Corden to inject excitement into Premier League coverage

Describing it as potentially one of the most exciting developments in the modern game, Sky Sports bosses have today proposed executing comedian James Corden live on television each Friday night in a bid to inject excitement into their Premier League coverage.

The fresh proposal, say bosses, will see a more celebrity-driven presentation of the Premier League combined with the British public’s longstanding and insatiable bloodlust.

“We’re slightly baffled we didn’t think of it sooner. It’s set to be hugely popular if our audience testing is anything to go by,” said Sky executive John Trilby, adding that medics would be on standby each week to revive the former Gavin and Stacey star after each execution.

Smith revealed that the resuscitation process would feature a countdown and vote, offering viewers the chance to win prizes from correctly guessing the time it takes for Corden to return to life.

“This new format will see James, one of Britain’s largest men, executed in a myriad of ways. Hanging, lethal injection, it will all be on show. The excitement over whether or not he’ll recover in time each week will no doubt have audiences hooked.”

At press time, Corden vocally endorsed the idea, saying that the British public had made it perfectly clear that they wanted to see him dead.

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