Ed Woodward laments fact Mourinho and Giggs only two other managers he knows


Insisting that it makes the job of choosing Louis van Gaal’s successor inherently more difficult, Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward today lamented the fact that Jose Mourinho and Ryan Giggs are the only two football managers he knows.

The club’s Dutch coach is widely expected to be replaced at the end of the season after an underwhelming and at times frustrating time at Old Trafford.

Speaking today, Woodward admitted that while he’s ultimately confident of making the right decision, Mourinho and Giggs only remain favourites for the position due to their being the only coaches on earth of which he has any knowledge.

“Ryan and Jose are both prime candidates and each man presumably offers something unique and important to the role, although frankly I can’t be sure of that,” said Woodward, adding that while other “unknown” coaches likely possess similar qualities, he’d be remiss to say given his lack of knowledge.

“For a while there I honestly thought I knew other managers and would often drop their names in conversation. I later found out that all of them were either dead or did not exist. People may assume 26 guys running around a pitch trying to get the most points is simple, but football is far from that.”

At press time, a previously hopeful Woodward was said to be downhearted after his Google search for “Douglas Simone football manager” returned no results.

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