Football journalist not sure he successfully hid bitter giddiness in Gary Neville sacking piece 


Saying that he was hopeful that he had found a right balance, a football journalist today admitted that he wasn’t sure if he had successfully hidden his bitter giddiness in his latest column on the sacking of Gary Neville by Valencia.

Speaking hours after the piece’s publication, journalist Mark Cruss revealed that he hoped that the sheer glee that went into the 1,500 word think piece on the former Manchester United defender’s departure from the Spanish club wasn’t immediately obvious.

“It’s a good piece, no doubt about it. I cover all the points and deliver them with conviction. Admittedly, I could perhaps have done a better job at hiding the enormous levels of schadenfreude I was experiencing while writing it,” said the 42-year-old, adding that despite this he was confident readers would look beyond the palpable sense of delight at another human’s professional failure and agree with the key narrative of the article.

“At the end of the day my work is something I will always stand by. But part of me can’t help but feel that writing ‘I hope this finally shows that useless prick knows no more about football than me and my old journalist buddies’ wasn’t a little too obvious. Time will tell.”

At press time, Cruss expressed his belief that the terrifying fear he feels for technology in football and what it might mean for his professional future didn’t come across too clearly in his latest column on the subject of data in sport.

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